Mobile home parking - RW parking

Dear guest!  
Your mobile homes are welcome at our mobile home parking.

The parking is pleasantly located in the middle of nature, along the Gjerdeviks stream overlooking the Ølensfjord and the mountains around.


We offer electricity, Free drinking water, dispose chemical toilet, Free WIFI

You can barbeque on our stationary grill, go hiking in the mountains, or just go for a evening stroll in the beautiful woods of Ølen.
You can fish in the fjord, or in the lakes in the mountains.

In Ølensvåg 1km west you will find a grocery shop, tank station and cafe.
Ølen the municipality of Vindafjord is located 3km east on E134.
Here you will find more facilities like post office, banks and shops, including a chemists shop.

Hope you have a pleasant stay!